Saltex - America's Sodium Sulfate Supplier

Saltex combines the dedicated sodium sulfate production capacity of Cooper Natural Resources with the sodium sulfate byproduct resources and long term byproduct experience of Giles Chemical. These combined resources rank Saltex as North America's second-largest sodium sulfate marketer. From the Yukon to the Yucatan, our combined capabilities, logistics expertise and proven track records assure consistent supply delivered with unparalleled dependability and service.

Multiple production and distribution points throughout North America combine with a host of specialized offerings to make Saltex a logistics powerhouse. Our established carrier relationships and broad geographic reach insulate your business from common logistics problems such as rail disruptions and driver shortages. Coupled with our extensive production capacity – both dedicated and byproduct – choosing Saltex ensures reliable supply, reliably delivered.

When sodium sulfate is a key component of your process, Saltex is the natural choice. Saltex is America's Sodium Sulfate Supplier.

Our Partner Companies

Cooper Natural Resources

Cooper Natural Resources has five industry leading divisions dealing with sodium sulfate production and marketing, specialty chemicals and consumer products.

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